Emma Landry, EY

As a senior consultant and manager with EY People Advisory Services, Emma Landry moved to London from EY Canada in order to gain greater experience in the implementation of strategic projects. Most notably, she worked with Highways England to design and implement a first-of-its-kind, 10-year, £5bn joint client-industry project that has transformed their supply chain. 

Growing up, Emma was drawn to any sport where she could compete within a team environment. This passion translated into her academic life, choosing to pursue a Finance MBA at the age of 22 because teamwork was cited as the most challenging part of the programme. During the course she was introduced to consulting, which attracted her because it involved working in teams to deliver better solutions for clients.  

She firmly believes that the wider team extends beyond your firm’s project team to include clients, their stakeholders, industry experts and specialist third parties. The opportunity to integrate into a diverse team and collectively achieve outcomes that would not be possible alone is what excites and drives Emma as a consultant. 

During the last five years working in Canada and the UK, she has sought opportunities for personal growth to support her evolution as a consultant. These are aimed at further enhancing her ability to develop client trust, challenge client thinking and provide thought leadership to empower clients as they navigate increasingly complex problems.  

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