Jonathan Stephens, BearingPoint

Jonny has clear view on Innovation – adamant that it is not a synonym for the creative processhe shows that real innovation needs results. In his entertaining submission, Jonny demonstrates the breadth of experience that a career in management consulting can give you – and the key role that he and consulting industry play in this broad view of innovation.

Throughout his consulting career Jonny has delivered meaningful and measurable change for clients across a broad spectrum, giving him a great perspective on how different businesses innovate to stay relevant. Jonny’s experiences range from cutting-edge breakthrough innovation, to long-term sustainable change. His examples range from the rollout of new embedded-SIM technology to cars in over 75 countries, to implementing an economy-wide governance framework to help a central bank manage over 2.2million supervisory data points.

In doing this Jonny has worked with a host of technologies, using them to address varied client problems, something he maps visually in his submission. He unpacks some of his project work in his personal statement (from blockchains to sewage works), showing how his focus on communication and self-improvement help him thrive in a constantly evolving world.  

In sharing these experiences Jonny demonstrates how he embodies his own stance on Innovation. His unique style and ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach supports his ability to help clients solve complex problems in new ways – taking the lightbulbs and implementing them. Something he does with energy, passion and good humour. 

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