Laura Morroll, BearingPoint

Team Leader Consultant of the Year Winner 2019

With over 20 years combined experience in the Retail and Consulting industry, Laura has developed key skills and traits to successfully, and effectively lead her teams in delivery of client projects. Not only does Laura engage with her teams to build trusted, long lasting relationships, she does this with her clients also. Key focus areas for Laura are Client Focus; to truly understand her clients, her client’s teams, and the unique ways in which they work. Leadership; being able to effectively lead her team, and the client’s teams, to deliver successful outputs. Managing Teams and Projects goes one step further; developing her own unique style of Leadership has allowed Laura to ensure she gets the best out of her talented, and diverse, teams. Understanding what makes them tick, allows Laura to effectively project plan and manage the ongoing success of the projects, tailored to her team’s requirements and skills. Communication is another pillar of Laura’s success; she instils in her team upfront, open communication with all stakeholders, guiding them through often tricky situations with integrity. This not only supports in her team’s development, it also helps nurture the client relationships. Finally, Critical Thinking is what enables Laura and her team to effectively deliver. Understanding what the business wants or needs, and how to effectively guide them in their own critical thinking supports in the design and uptake of successful solutions.

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