Marcus Morrell, Arup

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year Finalist 2019

Marcus Morrell is an innovative thought leader. He leads Arup’s Foresight team in the UK and works across a wide range of industry sectors. Foresight is an internal think-tank which deals with the future of the built environment and society at large, helping clients understand trends, explore new ideas, and radically rethink the future of their business.

Much of his work involves engaging broad audiences in an informed, evidence-based conversation about future change. He is passionate about thought leadership, and sees it as the most impactful method by which to engage different publics.

Through effective thought leadership he successfully challenges perceptions about the future, and inspires diverse audiences as to what could be possible at a future point in time. He provides clients with strategic direction and helps foster collaboration, creative thinking, design innovation and a shared multi-stakeholder commitment to a future trajectory or vision.

Marcus believes that in addition to being both engaging and challenging, impactful thought leadership should influence strategy, policy and opinion.

His projects have seen him explore an aspirational vision for UK transport in 2030, what the future infrastructure needs might be for Kent and what the future could hold for rail and highways globally. These projects have all influenced opinion, policy and strategic decision making.

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