Tom Woodham, PwC

Team Leader Consultant of the Year Finalist 2019

Tom is a valued leader in our digital supply chain team. He has enthusiastically embraced the opportunities presented by the digital and data revolution facing many of our clients’ supply chains. He has introduced his clients to new ways of challenging the status quo, from creating a leading-edge 2025 supply chain strategy, to driving the experience demanded by the end-consumer, to exploring the ‘art of the possible’ in warehousing technology.

Through engaging and communicating in new ways across many functions and levels to build the wider PwC team, Tom has been key to re-framing and generating a number of compelling supply strategies. His insights have greatly informed what the supply chain of the future should look like. He is particularly adept at getting his teams to embrace optimisation, be it including smart sensors on engine stands or adopting alternative storage solutions for slow moving inventory – approaches that have delivered significant incremental value.

To achieve all this, Tom has been at the forefront of driving his teams and clients to engage in the use of our digital assets – for example, productivity tools that track and baseline critical warehouse resources and tasks, and PwC’s SCOOP analytics tool that creates dynamic, cost-to-serve and centre-of-gravity models.

He repeatedly builds project teams that are widely recognised in PwC as being high performing, and has developed the PwC supply chain team into a cohesive group focused around the key digital supply chain messages.

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