Mica Ellis, Deloitte

Mica is a second-year BrightStart apprentice in Deloitte’s Supply Chain and Sourcing & Procurement practice. Within her first year, she has been the direct point of contact for key stakeholders in the elicitation, validation and management of the technological requirements at the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Mica’s high standard of delivery and reliability, means that the Census’ online survey will be built and tested on time for the first use by the nation in 2021 as scheduled. This will ultimately shape the future of data collection across the United Kingdom.  

Alongside her full-time client commitments, her passion has led her to become a mentor to the new apprentices at Deloitte and she regularly visits her previous sixth form encouraging students to consider the apprenticeship route. Mica has been responsible for many Practice Development (PD) activities, including setting up events within her community, promoting the ethos and culture of Deloitte and supporting the creation of practitioner networks. Mica identified the lack of community and worked alongside two practitioners to establish this formal team on behalf of the practice. She was also responsible for the maintenance of the Pipeline which documents all potential client opportunities and is used by senior leadership for revenue and staffing forecasting. Mica is an advocate for alternative career routes and has been actively involved in inspiring young people at her previous sixth form to explore apprenticeship options while also promoting both consulting and Deloitte. 

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