San Misra, PwC

Innovation Consultant of the Year Finalist 2019

San has conceptualised, won, led and delivered innovation projects that are exemplars in their respective local authority sectors – for example, Innovation Jumpstart, a digitised SEN (special education needs) transport solution, social media chatbots, and a gamified data collection platform. These projects have helped clients to be innovative, and they have created IP for PwC.

Working with a local authority, San took people from across the organisation on a journey of thinking creatively, coming up with innovative solutions to problems, building business cases for their ideas, pitching for investment, and realising the ideas. This has fundamentally changed the way elected members and senior management perceive innovation in public services. And is one of the first in the country to adopt newer technologies such as AI, natural language processing and chatbots, with the aim of changing the way it operates.

San successfully brings together a rare combination of creative and consulting skills – one of the few who has the ability to bridge between citizens’ needs, the clients’ business need and technical digital solutions. With local authorities reeling from the impacts of ever-decreasing budgets, steadily increasing demand for services and evolving expectations from citizens, he is deeply motivated to help and solve problems at a societal level.

In addition, he has demonstrated the ability to inspire several of our new consultants who come from the best universities in the country and abroad, and build high-performing teams of people who love working for him and believe in innovation in the public sector.

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