Samuel Pachoud, EY

Innovation Consultant of the Year Highly Commended 2019

I grew up surrounded by new technologies and disruptive innovation. As an early millennial, I’m part of a generation that has experienced profound technology advancement.  Adopting and embracing new technologies early on fed my curiosity, passion and drive to seek out disruptive innovation and technologies throughout my adult life. I’m astonished at how such technologies have fundamentally changed, and will continue to change, the way we live, work, communicate and interact with each other. 

This is why I decided to join the Energy Practice at EY, an internationally recognised leader in innovation1, to influence energy companies to deliver seamless and satisfying customer service and experience. The core of my mission was to approach and use innovation to solve the energy trilemma – balancing cost, supply and decarbonisation.  My approach to innovation has allowed clients to deliver affordable and clean energy to their customers and provided lasting improvements for the communities they serve. 

In order to concentrate on the most impactful domains, I have focused my attention on two technologies which have the largest potential for change in people daily behaviours and routines, namely Electric Vehicles (EV) and Blockchain, following a common and effective four steps approach; Set for Success, Return on Innovation, Venture for Innovation and Scale up fast. 

With emerging technologies such as EV and Blockchain, the approach above is critical for a number of our clients as they adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. 

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