A Day in the Life of Faye Higgins, Transform

Company: Transform
Sector: Cross sector digital and multichannel consulting
University: Loughborough University
Degree: International Business
Location: London
Job title: Consultant

I work for…. Transform, a small consultancy that specialises in customer-centred change with a focus on digital and multi-channel from strategy through to delivery, and operates across many sectors, including retail, FS, healthcare, media and government.

The thing I enjoy most about working in a small consultancy is… the daily interaction I can have with senior members of the company. As there are only 28 permanent members of staff, I know everyone well, and can find out about projects really easily. I can then express an interest in a particular project and everyone will work hard to help you get to that place of working.

The most interesting project I’ve worked on is … for a well known retailer looking at the customer experience across all of their digital channels. I had to make long, often laborious customer journeys and applications become quicker, easier to follow and a pleasant experience for the customer.

I was first attracted to consultancy because… I like variety in what I am doing, I didn’t want to get bored doing the same thing over and over. I also wanted to get a broad range of experience across sectors and develop skills to work out what I would like to specialise in.

The reason I chose to work in a small firm is… a small consultancy is a great way to get a lot of responsibility and exposure straight away and the clients are still as big and exciting. I am also able to have a significant input to where I am placed, what I would like to develop and learn more about.

If I could change one thing in consultancy it would be… how difficult it is to explain to friends / family what it is I actually do.

Something about Transform you don’t know is… it is part of a big group comprised of advertising, event, PR and digital agencies, Transform is the consultancy agency within the group.

The best piece of advice anyone has ever given me is… remember to always keep learning. You never reach a time when you just know everything, no matter how senior or how much experience you have, you can always keep learning.

Young MCA involvement… I got involved with Young MCA after a Director at Transform explained the connection he has with the MCA. I enjoy attending the events as they are a good opportunity to meet peers in similar situations, but also those from a variety of companies and across various sectors. I like the skills sessions that give you something to think about and work with, and also general information and discussion evenings where experts from across the industry share insight. I got involved with the Young MCA committee as I wanted to support the Young MCA with the organisation of events and expansion of the network. I enjoyed attending a University Engagement to discuss consulting with Undergraduates as it was a nice way to meet more consultants and share experiences and learning from being a young consultant.

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