A Day in the Life of Maximillian Pullen, Mott MacDonald

Firm: Mott MacDonald
University: Aston University
Degree: International Business and Management
Location: London
Job title: Junior Consultant

Tell us a bit about the firm you work for…Mott MacDonald is a global management, engineering and development consultancy with approximately 16,000 staff, in 180 principal offices, across 140 countries. Based in London Fleet Place, our organisation adds value in the education, health, infrastructure, international development, technology and communications sectors.

I was first attracted to consultancy because…I love a challenge and I love to learn. There is no standard day in consultancy, which means you get to build a range of experience and help organisations by applying best practice from a variety of sources and sectors. 

What’s the first thing you do when you sit at your desk in the morning…My day starts on the tube to work; sipping a steaming cup of coffee and replying to emails. Usually I’ll set myself 4 small and 3 large goals for the day in order to be most productive, then start working on them when I get into the office.

The website I visit the most… without a doubt, is LinkedIn. It is one of the best places to learn and share knowledge amongst both friends and colleagues. A must for networking is the app; no need to exchange business cards, just link with someone there and then.

If I could change one thing in consultancy it would be …Chartership. Accreditation through training and experience that holds the same weight as that of a chartered engineer, so that public faith and trust in our profession is increased.

Tell us something about your company that we don’t know…Mott Mac is one of the largest employee-owned companies. All of the principal consultants I have worked with so far are infectiously passionate about the projects being delivered, and have a long-term strategy to create real change in their specialisation. 

My 5 year goal is… to be a Senior Consultant, working for a multitude of organisations, whilst passing the knowledge developed on to the next generation. Oh, and to run the London marathon in under 3 hours 45 minutes!

I am most passionate about… making a difference. A real difference. To work on a project that creates a lasting change, something that positively impacts someone else, that gets me out of bed every morning.