A preview of Consulting Excellence

Howard Tollit, MCA President, previews the MCA's Consulting Excellence Scheme, which will be launched in July. 

Consulting Excellence is a great initiative for the consulting industry as a whole and for MCA member firms in particular. 

Its origins lie in the determination of consulting firms to deliver excellent client service and value, recruit and train the best possible management consultants and behave in ways that live up to high ethical standards. By working together through Consulting Excellence, we can re-inforce the expertise that underpins the best in consulting and create additional benefits for all our firms and clients.

As the consulting industry adapts quickly to meet new needs and expand into new service areas, it is more important than ever that all our best firms identify, strengthen and promote their good practice in these areas. These are the core consulting skills and qualities that bring us together as an industry and enable us to continue to deliver value to clients and the wider economy.

The MCA’s research with senior clients confirms that they will welcome this initiative and that it will help buyers identify and engage with ‘consulting excellence’ firms. At the same time, we have received extremely positive feedback from the Young MCA and their managers, who both see the benefits for individual consultants and the exciting and increasingly diverse career paths before them. 

Indeed, one additional benefit of Consulting Excellence is that it is helping us to deepen our collective dialogue with our clients, consultants and other stakeholders.

It is very exciting for me to be President of the MCA as we launch Consulting Excellence and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the MCA. I am grateful to all the other members of the MCA Board and Council, and to the MCA staff team, who have all worked hard to get us to this point. 

Howard Tollit is the President of the MCA and currently a lead Account Partner in IBM Global Business Services’ Energy & Utilities industry. 

The MCA's Consulting Excellence Scheme will be launched at the Association's Annual Debate and Summer Reception on 7th July.