Delivering consulting value will come increasingly from Big Data

“Our clients are faced with an exponential increase in the amount of data to manage from within their organisations, together with social media and increasingly, digital devices. This range of data, or Big Data as it is known, provides amazing opportunities for firms to revolutionise their businesses, change their relationships with customers, staff and suppliers and innovate value into their operations. However, most organisations are built on old technologies and getting the right data at the right time in the hands of the people who need it most is not an easy task!”

Jonathan sees Optimos Consulting at the heart of the Digital revolution. “All our consulting is Digital consulting. The relationship between a business and its customers and how a business handles suppliers, people and assets is being transformed completely by Digital. Big Data is both changing the way companies do business and providing the information to help decision-makers analyse how and when to change their businesses. There’s no better place for consultants to be right now.”