How to achieve the greatest return from the Internet of Things

Interest in IoT is higher than ever: 28% of organisations already use IoT. A further 35% are less than a year away from launching their own projects, and more than three-quarters of businesses say that IoT will be “critical” for the future success of any organisation in their sector.

So what matters now is not whether a business should adopt IoT, but how. Organisations planning and implementing their own initiatives need benchmarks and best practices that can help them maximise their returns. Vodafone's Barometer Report 2016 explores how these businesses are using IoT in 2016, and which best practices are driving success.

The report explores how:

  • IoT is increasingly at the heart of today's business landscape. 76% of businesses say that IoT will be “critical” to their success, and adopters allocate more budget to IoT than to cloud or analytics.

  • IoT is being used to drive business change. Already 37% of adopters say they run their entire business on IoT, and 48% say they’re using IoT to support large-scale business transformation.

  • Enterprises are seeing dramatic results. 63% say they’ve seen “significant” return on investment, and on average they measure a 20% improvement in metrics like revenue, cost, downtime and utilisation.

  • IoT is integral to enterprise IT. More than 90% of adopters say they already integrate IoT data with cloud, mobile, analytics and ERP.

The Barometer gets to the heart of how organisations are really using IoT today. 

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Vodafone are MCA Associate Members. The Barometer is based on independent research conducted with nearly 1,100 decision-makers, giving an unparalleled insight into the reality of enterprise IoT use today.