Seven Must-Have Apps for Management Consultants

The App has now become an important way of life for many smart phone owners. As well as great entertainment value, apps can also act as an important tool for anyone in the business world. Here are our app top recommendations for the modern management consultant:


Air Display

Recent studies show that a second monitor can increase productivity by up to 50% but with most consultants working from their laptops a second screen isn’t so easy to attain. Air Display allows you to wirelessly turn your tablet or smart phone into an extra screen for your computer over a Wifi connection. The app is quick and easy to set up and available on most operating systems. It can also mirror your computer screen so you go and show colleagues and clients what is on your screen without calling them over to your work space or carrying you heavy laptop to theirs.



A favourite with many consultants, Flipboard is your one-stop shop for up-to-date news on the topics that interest you. As part of your role it is imperative to be on the ball with exactly what is happening in the sector you are working in. You will have your go-to sites and blogs that you read daily but this app will allow you to aggregate these all in a simple display, highlighting the news that is truly important to you.  Their ranges of sources are impressive and ever growing, popular sites include Business Insider, Financial Times & Reuters.



Like most consultants, you probably have a stack of business cards waiting somewhere to be recorded. CamCard will make this task a lot easier and quicker. Take a photo a business card and the app will read all the details and save it instantly into your phone contacts. Simple.


The real beauty of the app comes into place when you sync it with your mobile contact book. All your LinkedIn connections will be downloaded into your phone with any existing contacts being updated. Your phone will now display your contacts job title, contact details and profile image with their CV just a click away.  The app itself offers much the same abilities as the site allowing you to link with new connections on the move. The tablet version is visually quite impressive allowing you to open numerous tabs in-app.


There are many reminder / to-do list apps out there but nothing is easier then Checkmark. Its interface is so simple it will put most phones built-in reminder apps to shame.  Set location reminders in a few simple taps based on radius and the time you been at that point.  For example, set a reminder for your grocery list for when you walk pass local shop or set an alert for your priority work after 15 minutes of you arrival in the office.  


This event networking app will be one to watch in 2014. Browse business events and conferences based on your interests or location and connect with attendees. Each event page contains important event information such as agenda and location but also a list of attendees displayed via LinkedIn profiles. The page acts as a community forum where you can discuss and connect with one another before, after or during the event.



Simply the fastest news network around. If you want to keep-up with what is going on in the areas that matter to you then the Twitter app simply gives a constant stream of news and opinion whenever you want it. How effective it is depends on who you chose to follow. Experts in most areas will be tweeting, as well the figure heads in your company, your client, there competitors and virtually everybody else.  Creating your own lists come in handy to filter tweets to specific areas of interest.
You don’t have to tweet yourself to follow others, but in a world where everybody can be googled you should embrace any channel you can control that can portray you as an expert in your specialism.


If you would like to suggest any additional apps for the list please email