My journey into consulting began during the summer before my final year at university. I managed to get an internship working for Leeds City Council on a data-led investigation into whether the A4D area (in which planning permission is required for properties to convert to Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) should be extended. During this placement, I worked with other students to produce a report for the council ending with our recommendations. I later realised that this was my first consulting project.

I then went on to do a Masters in Urban Data Science and Analytics and was encouraged to apply for jobs in technology consulting after working with a large international consultancy for my dissertation. After a lengthy application process, I received a job offer from EY and started my current role as a Technology Consultant in the Programme Delivery sub-competency in September 2022.

Before starting at EY, I had often heard consultants stating that there is “no standard week” and this has been my experience so far. Some weeks I am very busy on client engagements, sometimes working entirely remotely, other times visiting client site. I have travelled to Scotland for a go-live, visited rail depots across the North and am currently in talks to spend six months abroad working on an exciting engagement for a major utilities company.

Whilst the majority of my time is spent on client engagements, I am involved in a number of business development and internal projects. One of these initiatives, a graduate-led knowledge sharing and training programme, has been very exciting to work on and received very positive feedback from both new starters and leadership.

What I particularly enjoy about being a consultant is the diversity of industries and challenges I encounter. No two projects are alike, and their various contexts keep my work dynamic and stimulating. Seeing the transformation our work brings to clients’ businesses is deeply rewarding. Additionally, the continuous learning and the chance to collaborate and learn from skilled colleagues from various backgrounds is truly fulfilling.

One of the main challenges I have faced so far as a consultant has been learning how to quickly upskill myself to effectively contribute to a long-running engagement when I first join it. This process is equal parts daunting and exciting, but extremely satisfying once you are up to speed.

Consulting can be a challenging career, however the constant learning, variety of work, and the satisfaction of helping clients solve complex problems make it incredibly rewarding. Whilst working at EY I have built my resilience, heightened my business acumen, and fortified my soft skills. If you’re someone who enjoys problem-solving, thrives in diverse teams, and seeks continual professional development, consulting can be a truly fulfilling career choice.