Day in the Life of a Consultant – Ryan Wiseman

Ryan Wiseman


Deloitte Digital


I’ve always had an interest in technology. While at school, I did work experience with Deloitte Digital and heard about the BrightStart scheme. The scheme is a Higher Apprenticeship programme for students who want to make the leap into the world of professional services and start to earn while they continue to learn. I applied and was offered a place, but missed the A level grade requirements.

Following this, I embarked on a career in recruitment, gaining valuable experience by working directly with senior clients. Two years later, I decided I really wanted to follow my passion and to work in technology. So, I reapplied for the BrightStart scheme. Since I did not choose to pursue a technology degree, I found this scheme to be an excellent way to kick start my technology career.

I am drawn to the variety of work that consulting offers. It’s a career where you are constantly challenged and are working to solve new challenges each day – which is what I love most about it.

I am a User Experience Designer, which essentially involves understanding a problem, analyzing business requirements and finding a solution, ultimately ensuring the best experience for the end user. I work on large digital transformation projects, mainly within the public sector. Because of the nature of my role, I tend to interact with business stakeholders on a daily basis and connect with our users fortnightly through user research sessions. A typical week for me is split; three days away on client site and two days here on our Deloitte London campus.

I love that I get to work with well-known companies, solving some of their most challenging problems, and influencing their consumer experiences. Hearing the client’s feedback makes it all worthwhile.

I would say that the great thing about a role in consulting is the scope of what you can do. Young people often worry about committing to a career. The great thing about consulting, which I have definitely experienced while working at Deloitte, is that we’re encouraged to get experience on a variety of projects. Before you specialise in an industry, you’ll gain general consulting skills. This way you’re given the opportunity to try out different roles to see what best suits you.