Carnall Farrar with IPPR

Best Use of Thought Leadership

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire cancer pathway experienced disruptions, from presentation to diagnosis and treatment. We partnered with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) to undergo a detailed analysis of the impact of the pandemic on cancer services and cancer patients

Specifically, through this thought leadership initiative, we explored the scope and magnitude of the disruptions observed across the cancer pathway, using publicly available data and interviews with key opinion leaders and healthcare experts in the UK, as well as our expertise and experience working with health systems.

We analysed the impacts of these disruptions on patient outcomes, particularly on early cancer detection, survival rate and excess deaths. We then provided recommendations on the optimal ways to restart cancer services to limit further negative outcomes and concluded with 15 key practical implications for the NHS and its partners in their response to COVID-19.

Our findings and analysis were featured in a number of news outlets, including the front page of the Sunday Times. Our report continues to gain traction in numerous circles as we continue to update our analysis with the release of more recent data to provide real-time output and feedback on the state of cancer services and outcomes amid and beyond the pandemic.

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