EY with the Health Service Executive

Exceptional Support and Delivery to a Client During COVID-19

The Health Service Executive (HSE) is Ireland’s national Healthcare organisation, responsible for the delivery of safe and high-quality health and social care services. EY helped the HSE to respond rapidly and effectively to the pandemic. In February 2020, the first cases of COVID-19 triggered a national health response led by the HSE, with unprecedented activity across the health system that severely impacted normal healthcare services.

As the HSE considered how to govern and organise its response to COVID-19, it urgently required specialised skills that could be scaled at pace. It also needed situational awareness, driven by data and facts, to manage the crisis. As an existing and trusted consulting partner to the HSE, EY quickly redeployed consultants to support the immediate response.

The HSE required the identification, collation and analysis of key health data to understand the scale of the problem and design operational solutions. To support the HSE’s Technology, Operations and Health Intelligence teams, EY provided analysts with data analytics and modelling capabilities, along with the supporting technology to model the disease and deliver operational insights on the prevalence of the disease, resource impacts, and identify capacity in the system. This team and platform had to be up and running in days and weeks when, in an environment such as the HSE, this would typically take months or years.

Central to the HSE’s response was the rapid establishment of the Integrated National Operational Hub (INOH) to centralise oversight and governance for the operational response to COVID-19 and support service continuity. Here, EY supported the HSE with critical INOH activities across three key fronts:

  • Identification of priorities for immediate response – Establish key national governance and workstream structures for the INOH
  • Drive the execution of key workstreams with HSE and government stakeholders – EY supported the INOH across key areas, providing multi-disciplinary consultants with specialist skills to ensure a coordinated operational response
  • Keep pace with evolving COVID-19 requirements, national public health advice and international best practice – Leveraging our global network and specialist skills, EY helped HSE forecast and model trends to determine future COVID-19 requirements, enabling an agile response

Through 2020 and into 2021, EY consultants have worked side-by-side with HSE colleagues to manage the crisis, anticipate its needs using forward-looking modelling and provide multi-disciplinary consultants in support of the response. This work created outputs that enabled key decisions, including:

  • COVID-19-specific healthcare demand based on deep analysis and understanding of the influencing factors, including epidemiological scenarios and clinical models of care
    Test and trace operations through the deployment of a bespoke approach to understanding testing demand drivers and their integration with a digital twin of the test and trace operations.

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