Jonathan McNaught, EY

Technology Consultant of the Year

A Technology Consultant at EY, Jonathan McNaught is a passionate leader who consistently demonstrates that the effective use of data and analytics can transform public services for good. His passion in this area builds on his background in physics and music, where he brings the technical, analytical method to life through creative communications, and tackles deeply complex problems by leading high-performing teams.

This rare blend of skills has enabled Jonathan to produce consistently outstanding outcomes for Government and EY. He regularly leads flagship Government programmes that are tackling the UK’s most complex problems and has presented to the most senior Government officials. He is also central to the development and deployment of EY’s Insight-Led Transformation (ILT) offering, which is enabling organisations to deliver more value by becoming insight-led (rather than data-driven). His work here is based around helping clients to identify the most important questions and answer them through analytics, using a value-mapping methodology that Jonathan champions.

In addition, Jonathan created and leads a new Analytics Translator career path in the EY UK Data and Analytics (D&A) team, enabling business transformation through analytics by fostering collaboration between technical and business teams, and unlocking new ways of creating value. Finally, Jonathan is also dedicated to developing both his team and the EY business, where he leads learning and development for EY’s Technology Consulting business.

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