Samrina Bhatti, EY

Samrina Bhatti, EY

Experienced Leader Award

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistSamrina, a pharmacist by background, is making significant contributions through delivering complex digital healthcare advisory projects and leading multidisciplinary teams. Her dedication to improving patients’ lives and outcomes was already well-established before she joined EY. Since becoming a consultant, she has not only contributed to EY’s success but has ensured even better outcomes in the healthcare sector as a whole – where her work is contributing to a improved and more patient-centric healthcare system across England.

Samrina focuses on improving healthcare access and empowering patients by addressing gaps in healthcare technology and creating a positive societal impact by promoting accountability in the sector. Her experience has helped EY secure major projects and opportunities and has consistently driven year-on-year growth.

Her most notable recent work is delivering financial, societal, and health impact on the Data Protection and Digital Bill commissioned by NHS England, where her focus on ‘national interoperability’ is achieving better data flow across the NHS to achieve improved patient outcomes nationwide. Her work with NHS England has led to her establishing EY’s credentials in digital transformation, where Samrina is working on getting legislative changes through Parliament to improve healthcare through seamless data flow.

She shown dedication and real skill in building key relationships at all levels, particularly in bringing together key subject matter experts by setting up an International Interoperability Advisory Group, but her focus on her own team – through coaching and sharing knowledge and experience – is testament to Samrina’s resounding successes as an experienced leader.

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