Best New Consultancy

Who we are

Specialising in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), Akerlof provides strategic and operational advice that enables public and private sector clients to deliver faster, better and greener.

Working within an industry typically focused on time and cost, our unique focus on ‘business as a force for good’ sets us apart. Now a 3-year-old business, we’ve grown our team around a clear mission: “to deliver betters, not just goods.”

What we do

Akerlof intelligently applies our expertise regarding contemporary innovations in construction, including new technologies, offsite manufacture and the use of efficient processes to deliver better social, economic and environmental outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders.

As a micro business, our size-to-impact ratio is off-the-scale. Our expertise has been called upon to support government publications, such as the Construction Playbook, and we’ve helped the UK’s largest train operator to develop their first ever social impact report. We wrote the MMC strategy for the Ministry of Justice and are now acting as specialist advisor on their £4bn New Prisons Programme to save time, cost and carbon. We’ve provided MMC and ESG advice across a £2.1bn healthcare portfolio to deliver improved health outcomes faster, and supported the development of new data centres, leveraging ‘platform-principles’ transferred from the automotive industry.

Our ability to deliver positive, impactful results through our work has been consistently praised by organisations ranging from multinational corporations to SMEs.

We think hard about how innovation and technology works and even harder about how people work. Drawing insights from behavioural science, we look to ditch technical jargon for plain language to create engaging, effective communications that are accessible to all.

How we do it

Akerlof has a strong team culture, characterised by clear communication, relentless collaboration and shared values, driving us to be both bold and kind, in creating a positive impact. We’ve attracted market-leading talent, adding depth, diversity and experience, enabling expansion into new target markets and enriching our culture.

We regularly collaborate with those who embrace our vision to tackle real societal issues and transform our industry for the better. We recently led 200+ stakeholders, as part of a government funded project, to develop a Value Toolkit, helping organisations evaluate social, environmental and economic value outcomes holistically.

We’re proud to be a part of a community that values open knowledge-share, and we invest our time in mentoring, educational outreach and upskilling, helping promote betters from the ground up.

Why we do it

As one of only four RICS-accredited firms to achieve B Corp status globally, Akerlof has purpose: consciously selecting work that aligns with our values and committing to the highest standards in social, environmental performance and accountability.

Our internal ethics committee ensures our work continues to reflect our values and affords our employees the power to actively shape our company’s direction.

Our ambitious 5-year strategy targets net-positive impact for our stakeholders, striving to be a ‘Best for the World’ organisation (among the top 5% of B Corps globally) within 3 years.