International Highly Commended 2022: Arup with the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes


In 2017 the El Niño climate cycle hit Peru, causing the loss of lives and a billion dollars of damage to homes, businesses, public facilities and critical infrastructure. In 2018-19 the Peru Government established the Autoridad Para la Reconstrucción con Cambios (ARCC) to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed or damaged, while transforming the way the country delivers major capital programmes.

To deliver reconstruction ‘with changes’, Peru formed a two-year Government-to-Government agreement with the UK, through which the ARCC appointed Arup, Mace and Gleeds as a joint UK Delivery Team (UKDT).

The UKDT was tasked with putting systems and practices in place to accelerate the delivery of 74 schools and 17 healthcare facilities in the areas hardest hit, as well as flood protection on 17 river basins, drainage systems for seven cities and a national, state-of-the-art, early warning system.

The task has required a systemic change in Peru’s public sector through the proactive transfer of specialist knowledge, establishing a transferable portfolio management office function and assuring the design, delivery and operation of resilient infrastructure to international standards.

More than 100 specialists were mobilised, during a global pandemic, to work collaboratively with ARCC colleagues in Peru, supported by 200 experts in the UK and across the world, from Los Angeles to Singapore.

This international partnership has resulted in an unprecedented pace and transparency of procurement in Peru, new standards of design for safe and sustainable schools and health facilities, a legacy of digital tools and approaches, thousands of officials trained and an increased national capacity to independently manage the delivery of sustainable and resilient infrastructure programmes.

The digital and project management tools and transfer of specialist knowledge to thousands of public officials, contractors and industry professionals have left a powerful, sustained legacy. More than 100 courses have been delivered to public officials and contractors, national and regionally, with more than 9,000 training certificates issued through the knowledge transfer programme. Equally important, more than 600 informal training and knowledge transfer sessions have been recorded.

In a country where it is challenging to release public funding, the UKDT has enabled the ARCC to become the leading Government body for public executive of work, currently representing more than a third (36%) of federal Government monthly spending.

Through the Government-to-Government agreement, Peru now has capacity to deliver sustainable and resilient public facilities and infrastructure that will make the country safer and greener for generations to come. The ARCC has become a leading example for other Peruvian public authorities.

“International best practice standards have been established and embedded from project management and procurement to sustainable and resilient design and digital innovation.

The synergy generated by the UKDT working together with ARCC’s team of Peruvian professionals has made us pioneers in the delivery of mega-projects and generates greater confidence in public management in Peru.”
Dra. Amalia Moreno, Executive Director, Autoridad para la Reconstrucción con Cambios (ARCC)

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