BAE Systems Digital Intelligence with Chiron

Technology Transformation

“Can you come and help us with our data?”

The request could not have been more urgent. Six weeks into the first national lockdown, the UK remained gripped by a public health calamity without recent precedent and the data needed for informed and timely government decisions was also in high demand.

And that’s where BAE Systems came in.

We stepped into the maelstrom of the early days of the NHS Test and Trace (T&T) programme, working alongside myriad suppliers and civil servants from across government, and took just one week to stand up a proof of concept for mapping test results against postcode data.

We also plotted the end to end data flows for critical systems and within three weeks had begun to build a data platform to consolidate the vast array of data needed by the T&T programme and emerging Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC). In only six weeks we had loaded our first dataset onto the platform and within 12 weeks had incorporated sufficient data to enable an 80 per cent reduction in effort to create the weekly NHS Test and Trace Statistics Report.

The platform, built at astonishing pace and to the strictest of security controls, continues to be a cornerstone of the UK’s pandemic response. And critically, it provides a solid foundation should it need to be exploited in other ways.

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