EY with Emergency Care Transformation in the NHS

Each day, 56,000 people attend one of the 137 Accident and Emergency Departments (AED) in England; and the demand for AED services continues to rise by 9% annually.  The quality of the service delivered by AEDs is measured by proxy using the nationally mandated 4-hour standard – whereby 95% of patients attending AED must be treated within 4 hours.  

There is good clinical evidence to show that the longer patients wait for emergency care, the poorer their health outcomes are likely to be. This target has not been met nationally since 2015, and, with the relentless scrutiny AEDs are put under, there is increasing pressure across the health and care landscape to deliver visible, measurable improvements.

Over the past 18 months, EY has helped 13 NHS Trusts improve the performance – and hence the quality of care patients receive – against the 4-hour standard – improving access to timely and quality care for over 350,000 patients.

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