Deloitte with the Home Office

Best Use of Thought Leadership

Illicit finance – the flow of dirty money that underpins nearly all global organised crime – is one of the biggest challenges faced by society. From county lines drug distribution and international kleptocracy to human trafficking and modern slavery, illicit finance is at the heart of many of society’s most pernicious and intractable problems. It is estimated that $1.28 trillion is spent globally each year to combat it.

It touches virtually all parts of the economy, including law enforcement, tax authorities, banks, social media platforms and more. This ‘ecosystem’ of actors needs to work effectively together to respond, but the diversity of organisations involved makes this incredibly difficult.

Deloitte is one of the few organisations across the globe with a footprint across all of these actors. We have used this footprint, along with our in-house expertise in illicit finance, to bring the actors closer together – helping them forge new relationships and develop new approaches to tackle the threat.

Some of our work has included:

  • Developing white papers in partnership with international think tanks on the future of ecosystem partnerships
  • Supporting Home Office to convene actors from across the ecosystem, including government, law enforcement, telecoms and banking, to create ‘whole system’ solutions
  • Transitioning our thought leadership work into the piloting and deployment of new operational capabilities to disrupt the flow of illicit finance

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