Deloitte with Maersk

Sustainable transformation 

On 27 June 2017, Maersk’s screens went black. A virus had spread across its network to all ports, offices and ships in more than 120 countries, infecting more than 60,000 PCs and leading to a reported $300m revenue loss. A team of 130+ Deloitte colleagues worked together with Maersk to rebuild its entire technology estate in five weeks. Since then, this partnership has evolved into a large-scale transformation programme with Deloitte working alongside Maersk to create sustainable change to its cyber security capability.

The transformation began by aligning Maersk’s physical organisation – the ships, terminals and warehouses – to the digital organisation that underpinned it. Maersk’s customers perceived the organisation as a collection of physical assets, but what had become strikingly clear was that, without technology, these assets were nothing.

Deloitte set out to establish a security-conscious culture throughout the entire organisation – utilising and embedding security as a business enabler and leveraging the power of the entire operation to rebuild trust amongst Maersk’s customers. The team created a compelling story of a family being on a journey together to bring the challenge to life and engage staff globally in the required transformation.

Two years later, Maersk’s cyber security capability is significantly more mature and robust, as proven when it prevented, without issue, an attack from a more complex virus. Sustainable growth, relationships and trust are at the heart of the Deloitte-Maersk partnership, ensuring that Maersk continues to grow as a security-conscious organisation.

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