EY with Esure Group

Technology Transformation

EY are esure’s long-term transformation partner – together we have delivered a market leading, game-changing end-to-end technology and business platform.

Following private equity investment, esure set out a strategy to ‘fix insurance for good’ by becoming a pure-play scalable digital insurer with a market-leading platform and proposition. This strategy required esure to design and build a completely new end-to-end technology platform. esure engaged EY as their chosen transformation partner to help execute on their vision and transition from a mid-market player with a legacy core platform, inefficient processes and high expense ratio toward a digital insurer with an open, modern platform, redefined customer journeys and frictionless claims. Our work with esure demonstrates EY’s ability to deliver large scale multi-year technology transformation and is revolutionising the UK personal insurance market.

Achieving this required a shift from a 20-year-old legacy system to EIS – a modern architected, event-based, next-generation platform vendor. It was a high-profile programme and the first technology implementation of its kind in Europe, requiring significant expertise and knowledge in end-to-end technology delivery. The programme naturally had tight deadlines and lofty targets to realise benefits from the initial business case and drive return on investment. Plus, the transformation impacted the entire business – across front, middle and back office – significantly increasing the complexity of the implementation from both a technical and people change perspective.

EY has been central in offering industry and transformation expertise in facilitating this seismic change. The programme has proved to be one of EY’s largest, most global and cross-functional programmes with more than 150 EY people from 10 different countries integrated across the key areas of the programme from service, products, platforms, people and data.

We were involved in the creation of the business case, along with strategic objectives and key results for the programme all the way into Target Operating Model implementation covering the entire transformation journey end-to-end. Our initial approach was centred on building strong, capable value streams that could embed Agile practices throughout the squads and build a strong culture of success. We focused on instilling consistent ways of working, management information and best practices, by leveraging knowledge from across EY, esure and other partner teams on the programme. Throughout the transformation, we have placed humans at the centre of our design, supporting the change and delivery across a wide range of stakeholders including other delivery partners and software vendors.

The results

We’ve helped esure to design and build an entirely new business by:

  • Successfully implementing a new state-of-the-art platform to drive market share.
  • Designing a digitally-enabled, highly-skilled, lean operating model.
  • Built market-leading, low touch, omnichannel customer journeys.
  • Delivering technology and data and analytics integrated end-to-end into the wider insurance ecosystem.
  • Developing a market-leading automated migration solution capable of moving significant volumes from legacy to new tech.

Our work with esure not only demonstrates EY ability to deliver large scale multi-year digital transformation programmes – it is also revolutionising the UK personal insurance

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