EY with leading alcobev company (Ireland)

Change and Transformation in the Private Sector

Our client wanted to maintain its position as market leader and grow the business to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic, while continuing to be a high-quality partner of choice. To do this, it wanted to reinvent its route-to-market model and the overall service that it provides to both on-trade and off-trade customers in Ireland. But to have complete certainty as to which parts of the business needed to be transformed, our client needed to understand the voice of its customers. It partnered with EY as its strategic advisor to deliver a ‘voice of the customer’ programme that would enhance both customer experience and commercial performance.

The challenges included:

  • Customers had been experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption from the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions to increasing digitisation in the way that they work.
  • Competitors have been improving their proposition and routes to market, presenting new threats to their current position.

EY assembled a blended team of six consultants across five divisions and three countries to bring the right balance of passion and expertise. To capture the voice of customers across Ireland over our four-week discovery phase, we sent our team on the road to capture insights from all venue formats and segments in both rural and non-rural locations.

From this, we created detailed end to end customer journey maps which allowed us to corral the huge number of data points that our research was generating and visually display the current state end-to-end journey, highlighting low and high points at each customer interaction. We also developed personas showing the human needs and desires of the customers to enable our client to deliver a more personalised service. Our insights delivered some home truths: we challenged them on the idea that it was harnessing the potency and significance of its brands, and that delivering a premium customer experience was not just a right but a responsibility. And we co-created a detailed digital transformation plan across four transformation workstreams.

Over a 12-week period following EY’s proven ‘voice of the customer’ approach, we unearthed a rich and diverse set of customer insights, pain points and opportunities to improve the current state service and operating model for our client. We created a ‘north star’ vision of the future and designed a set of design principles to deliver it. We came up with over 100 individual ideas to create a future state route-to-market model – with the ideas being prioritised from fundamental to far-reaching transformational improvements to Diageo’s performance across all customer touchpoints and service areas – to deliver a 2%-5% revenue growth and a 5% reduction in cost-to-serve.

By helping our client to understand the true voice of its customers, we used these valuable insights to co-create a transformation strategy. From leading the market to defining the market, with a human-centred and transparent end-to-end customer service, with data and digital at its heart. We delivered a world-class, future-facing route to market model that would leave a legacy of sustained long-term value.

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