EY with AstraZeneca

EY played a critical role in transforming client thinking to secure investment of >$10million to deploy a digital respiratory device across the globe. EY’s strategic deployment plan will put the solution in the hands of over 700,000 patients over the next 3-5 years enabling patients to combat respiratory disease and drastically improve their quality of life.   

AstraZeneca is a global pharmaceutical company facing multiple challenges; healthcare systems are under increasing financial strain, digital start-ups are disrupting the industry and Asthma/COPD patients have sub-optimal health outcomes, often due to lack of adherence to treatment.  

AstraZeneca engaged EY to help combat these issues by creating a clear strategy for the implementation of a digital solution across six countries. Over six months EY helped AstraZeneca to: 

  • Gain an extensive international understanding of market conditions 
  • Combat cultural barriers and pre/misconceptions within the firm 
  • Create customised business models and implementation roadmaps with tangible actions, taking account of market dynamics

EY has worked throughout the project to align global and local teams to a central vision, leading several co-creation workshops that shifted perceptions across the business of the potential future role of a pharmaceutical company. The insights generated through the project have ultimately shaped the entire strategy for the client’s respiratory portfolio and EY now look forward to assisting AstraZeneca in delivering this plan and lifting the disease burden for millions of patients. 

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