IBM Consulting with Disclosure and Barring Service

Performance Improvement in the Public Sector

The Disclosure and Barring service and IBM consulting formed a partnership to deliver a new digital delivery capability which would improve citizen services and reduce the organisation’s fees.
The team applied innovation, modern delivery methods and new tooling to create a model way of working. Firmly established as a core capability there are now multiple digital services being designed, built or run by the partnership project.

The Barring Service team and the Enterprise Data Warehouse team are two initiatives used to describe how innovation and the application of delivery theory combined with the use of cutting-edge technology can deliver positive change transformation.

The case studies focus on people, dealing with the challenges remote work brought to IT delivery and how IBM consulting supported the DBS with achieving their objectives.
The partnership has established a new ‘user centric’ culture in a department which has transformed services. They’ve built a mature new capability which is on track to positively impact how all users interact with the organisation and which has improved safeguarding services.

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