IBM Consulting with Unilever

Social Value

IBM Consulting: Empirical Transparency of Human Rights Issues in Commodity Supply Chains (ETHICS)

Regulatory changes are being enforced that require organisations to perform a deeper level of due diligence of their full supply chain. Certification will no longer be good enough.

ETHICS is a direct result of collaboration between IBM and two of the largest Global Consumer Goods products (CPG) organisations. Through this 18-month process, IBM has developed a first of a kind capability to surface potential Human Rights exposures from deep within commodity supply chains focussing on the S in ESG.

This is a fundamental shift in identifying potential Human Rights exposures, from top-down certification to bottom-up and organic discovery. Unlike existing methods, ETHICS can pinpoint risk exposures not just in country or province but directly at the facility level on a 24×7 basis, through employing breakthrough technology that filters and brings insight across thousands of validated data sources to discover risk exposures, leaving more time for risk analysts to act.

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