PwC with Skanska

Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

Skanska needed an advanced technology solution to consolidate and streamline its data-generation and back-office processing once its existing system reached end of life. It chose Oracle Fusion Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, and had tried to implement the new solution with a systems integrator. After a series of unsuccessful attempts, further hampered by the pandemic, the project team’s confidence in delivering a sustainable solution was low.

Skanska asked PwC to help get the implementation back on track. The firm brought a new approach to the project – a ‘human-led, tech-powered’ change programme that added clarity, robust governance and certainty over the outcomes that would be delivered. By collecting honest feedback, focusing on developing a high-performing team across the different parties involved, PwC made Skanska’s people a vital part of the solution on the journey towards becoming a data-driven and digitally enabled organisation. Throughout the programme and at all levels within the governance model, there was an equal focus on “is the business ready?” along with “does the technology work?”

Together with the client, PwC treated the programme as a transformation, to deliver business benefits, rather than just a technology implementation. The firm’s rigorous project discipline was combined with a team that instilled a positive, collaborative culture that welcomed ideas, challenge and feedback.

All levels of the programme recognised that technology-enabled transformations succeed only when guided by strong sponsorship, ownership and involvement, toward clear business outcomes. PwC therefore hosted a series of immersive ‘engagement events’ for the 350+ end users who would be most directly affected, allowing them to understand the changes, see the system in action, and know what the journey ahead entailed.

With many targets to hit, successful delivery required all the programme partners to work together. To keep the transformation led by the business and not only the technology, PwC fostered a ‘one team’ mindset. The firm put a high value on openness, transparency, collaboration and trust, with a common aim of delivering the programme with a focus on business outcomes. That culture helped the client/consultant team share and build on each other’s ideas, make constructive and respectful challenges, adapt, and learn from mistakes.

In partnership with the client, PwC successfully delivered the whole revised programme on time and within budget. The firm also – as promised – helped Skanska’s people, business and suppliers work together in a more integrated, streamlined and data-driven way.

This engagement provides a model for excellence in programme delivery. Its governance, PMO and business readiness frameworks are being applied by Skanska across other areas of its business, and it is also sharing other learnings across its other countries within the Group – both in technology change and in continuous improvement for its construction activities. Skanska has praised PwC’s achievements highly, with the consulting team having turned a ‘red’ programme into a ‘green’ one, and delivered against every key milestone in the programme’s plan.

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