Young consultant skill survey launched

The MCA & Young MCA has today (Feb 9th) launched its most comprehensive survey of the skills and capabilities of young consultants it has ever conducted. The MCA Think Tank has been working with Young MCA volunteers to develop the study, which will survey a sample of thousands of young professional.

The Young MCA Skills Survey is a great opportunity for young consultants to voice their opinion anonymously through an independent survey. The purpose is not to compare firms, but instead to learn more about the industry as a whole, and the UK’s skills pool. The survey covers questions on education, experience, training, welfare and aspirations. Workshops will also be held to provide important context of the findings.

The intelligence provided by the survey will beneficially impact at least three MCA preoccupations:

  • Member firms’ ongoing interest in consulting’s skills capacity and needs. Moreover, such a significant sample will be of interest to government, other industries and commentators, providing insights relevant to education, training and meeting the UK’s skills requirements.
  • Year of Growth. Our industry’s ability to provide growth-supporting interventions for clients is critically dependent on the sustained availability of skilled professionals. This is especially true of emerging, critical and scarce capabilities such as Digital. The survey will provide relevant insights to these questions.
  • Consulting Excellence. The third component of Consulting Excellence concerns the training and development of staff. Plainly, the experiences and needs of young consultants surveyed will be relevant here. Moreover, the consultants will be asked about their ambitions and expectations for the future of the industry. This will provide clues on the

The survey closes on 21 March, and it only takes 10 minutes to complete. Respondents should have between 0-5 years consulting experience.

If you require further information, or have any questions or queries regarding the research, please do get in contact:

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