Revenue Intelligence

By SBR Consulting

Use historical sales data to dramatically improve win rates

Peter Drucker famously said that you can’t improve what you can’t measure. However, it is surprising how many sales leaders base sales forecasts on hunches and gut instinct, rather than accurate data. This means forecasts are often wildly off the mark. In fact, research has revealed that more than two-thirds of organisations (68%). In this blog, SBR Consulting looks at how revenue intelligence (using a range of data points) can be used to improve the health of your pipeline and the performance of your sales team. We’ll also examine the latest B2B sales benchmarking data produced by the SBR Consulting revenue intelligence partner, Ebsta – analysis based on 1.6 million sales opportunities.

Data, data everywhere

The amount of data produced by companies doubles every 12-18 months. This means your organisation has a wealth of insight at its fingertips and is always increasing. The problem is that many organisations don’t have a consistent approach to collecting and managing this data. This is partly because data collection isn’t automated. Guy Rubin, Ebsta CEO, says:

“Without the data, you’re not even at the races. You need to make sure you’ve got a strategy to ensure that you are capturing all of the data you need consistently. What I mean by consistently is that we shouldn’t be relying on humans anymore. In 2022 all of the activity that’s going on across your organisation is being captured somewhere. We need to make sure that it’s in the right system of record so that it can then be reported on.”

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