Degree Apprentice Consultant


In September 2022, my journey with AtkinsRéalis began as part of the Apprentice Consultant Development Programme, immersing myself in the dynamic world of the Aerospace, Defence, Security, and Technology (ADS&T) sector. From the pre-joining jitters, where even the choice of appropriate workplace shoes felt perplexing, to navigating the uncharted waters of the corporate world, my journey as a Degree Apprentice has proven to be nothing short of amazing.

As a workstream lead focusing on standardised and repeatable processes, my role revolves around contributing to a team dedicated to delivering to a confidential client. The primary objective of my role is to enhance efficiency not only within our team but also on a broader scale for the client. A strategic approach I’ve implemented involves creating a consistent communication framework within the team. Establishing a cadence of meetings aims to streamline and standardise our communication processes. This initiative ensures that information flows seamlessly, fostering a more cohesive and synchronised work environment.

My role has also provided me with the opportunity to leverage platforms such as Power BI and Excel, aligning with my keen interest and passion for learning these analytical tools. Currently, I am actively exploring ways to enhance the resourcing and onboarding process within my team, through the strategic utilisation of Power BI. My role is centred on optimising processes, emphasising standardisation and efficiency.

One of the most surprising aspects of consulting is the breadth and multiplicity it encompasses. Consulting is far from a one-size-fits-all industry, spanning across various sectors, industries, and challenges. The dynamic nature of consulting continually pushes me beyond my comfort zone, and that’s precisely what I love about it.

Beyond client-facing responsibilities, I actively engage in various initiatives within the business. As the Project Manager of the Apprentice Challenge, my team and I are working on creating a more neurodiversity-friendly, accessible, and digestible Project Management guide. To manage this challenge effectively, weekly meetings with my team and a mural board to track progress have proven instrumental. Despite AI often facing scepticism, my team and I are leveraging its capabilities to develop the AtkinsRéalis Project Management Pocket Guide. The use of AI not only proves beneficial but also amplifies its effectiveness by clarifying information, making complex concepts more concise and clearer.

In addition to my client role and project management responsibilities, I serve as a Northwest representative for AtkinsRéalis here at the Young MCA. I am also an active member of the ED&I (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) working group, contributing to initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. Hosting events such as the World Hijab Day lunch and learn has been a particularly rewarding experience, and warmly received by colleagues.

While my typical work setting is at home, I aim to visit the office once a week, and I also travel to different AtkinsRéalis offices nationally at least once a month for team showcases on my client role and Project Boards for the Apprentice Challenge.

For anyone contemplating a career in consulting, especially school leavers, I wholeheartedly encourage you to pursue it. Consulting offers a diverse and expansive landscape, allowing involvement in vastly different teams, projects, and industries throughout your career – an excellent opportunity to discover what resonates with you.