Farah Zarar-Ishaq, EY

After joining EY in 2016, Farah Zarar-Ishaq is now a senior consultant helping companies transform the way they operate to become more sustainable. 

She sees consulting as the glue that brings together best practice and thought leadership across industries and companies, helping make a series of changes which collectively have a positive impact on society.  

This fits with her desire to, along with many of her generation, work towards creating a better world. In order to do this, Farah believes we have to make changes in order to help tackle problems such as inequality and climate change. In fact, she joined EY to be at the forefront of changeThe ability to positively impact ethical behaviours, societal challenges and the environment through better managing the supply chain has been and continues to be a focus for her 

To this end she has worked on fundamental transformations with Ford Motor Company and Cadent Gas, both of whom were looking to leverage technology to achieve more sustainable futures. Ford’s emphasis was on better buying and transparency, whilCadent was looking to leverage its supply chain function, becoming leaner while ensuring the right goods and services are in place to keep gas flowing safely to 11 million customers.  

These transformations have empowered the organisations to make the right ethical decisions and be sustainable in the long term. This has built a solid foundation for Farah to continue to enable change, and she is excited to deliver that to future clients. 

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