Awards Case Study: KPMG with Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence Centre

This is an international thought leadership programme, defining best practice in customer management through research, analysis, curation and knowledge sharing events, in the UK and abroad.

Customer experience is a top 3 executive issue for over 90% of Fortune Global 500 businesses. It is – however – the one area most organisations pour investment into, but make limited progress: in the last two years the UK has shown static performance.

When organisations get this right, the social benefits are huge: happier customers who spend less time fruitlessly interacting with the brands they do business with. Organisations with superior experiences not only improve quality of life for customers, but – research shows – are also better, more stable, more diverse employers.

The economic benefits for shareholders are equally significant: organisations that achieve top rankings achieve double the rate of growth of the FTSE 100. The grow more rapidly and – put simply – achieve a better, more sustainable way of doing business. However, the lack of maturity of the customer experience profession, poor understanding of best practice and vendor complexity all act as barriers to progress. Progress is painfully slow.

The KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Centre is a 6 year project dedicated to unlocking these social and economic benefits by professionalising customer experience. In the last year we have:

  • Conducted research on over 920 brands across 3 continents, based out of the UK

  • Drawn on executive interviews to fully map barriers and leadership enablers

  • Made this freely available to our members and associates via reports, discussion events and peer-to-peer networking sessions

  • Digitized our thinking in an easy-to-access knowledge base

  • Delivered training to hundreds of clients and members

  • Directly inputted Excellence Centre methods into the leadership strategies of brands like British Airways, RBS and Nationwide

This is a unique resource centre and community of interest: freely accessible to consultants across firms and far more than the dry, abstract ‘thought leadership’ manuals typically associated with management consulting.

Most importantly, the Excellence Centre has unlocked quantified benefits…

  • For millions of customers – those brands accessing and using this work have shown significantly faster improvement than average, more frequently delighting their customers and achieving top 100 rankings.

  • For dozens of clients and hundreds of members – by improving more rapidly, financial rewards are realised. Three of our clients have used this work to achieve Top 10 rankings, which correlate to an additional £43m in revenue growth per annum

  • For our firm – this work has driven the development of our customer experience practice, leading to a 32% increase in revenues from 2014-2015.