Cognizant with Royal London

Change and Transformation in the Private Sector

Royal London Group (RLG) is the UK’s largest mutual life, pensions, and investment company, founded in 1861. RLG is committed to “protecting today, investing in tomorrow”; as a modern mutual this purpose resonates throughout the organisation and is the force powering its transformation agenda.

Like many companies, RLG’s operating context is characterised by an increasing rate of change. Customer expectations are evolving and the strategies to acquire and retain customers must adapt. The challenge is to change fast enough—and with enough control—to drive sustained, positive return on investment.

Against this backdrop, long time IT partner Cognizant has supported RLG in incubating new skills, practices and technologies that enable its market-leading propositions of today while establishing the operational engine to drive continual optimisation and innovation into the future.

Partnering with RLG, Cognizant brought together its IT and Digital Engineering capabilities and customer experience (CX) strategy and design; working closely with the C-suite and senior business leaders to craft a customer experience (CX) vision for 2025, identify key value-driving experiences to focus on and map out the steps to get there.

As part of this partnership, we assessed and recommended changes to how CX was managed across skills, processes, innovation processes, demand management and organisational structure. This was coupled with our digital ‘lighthouse’, which focused on executing upon said strategy and embedding product and cloud engineering best practices, enabling us to show how different parts of the organisation gel together to drive future value for customers and the business.

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