EY and EY Global

EY Ripples is a unique global CSR initiative that aims to change a billion lives for the better by 2030.  

Focusing on collaboration between young people and social entrepreneurs, EY Ripples is an exciting way to get all our 285,000 people involved in creating social value aligned to our purpose  Building a better working world. 

Although EY already had high levels of engagement in a wide range of environmental and social impact activities, we felt that with a greater sense of focus on a few global priorities, we could achieve far greater impact. To deliver this, an EY UK consulting team was tasked to work with the EY Corporate Responsibility (CR) team to build and launch the new programme. The joint team had just eight months to: 

  • Createa strategic aspiration and operating model design for the new programme
  • Launchan engaging new service model and portal to support our ambition of engaging 1 million people in delivery by 2022 
  • Ensurebusiness change and readiness across EY’s 27 first-wave regions 
  • Buildand transfer knowledge to the new global team to enable them to run the programme sustainably. 

The programme was successfully unveiled globally and on time, with the joint consultant/CR team of over 150 people in 36 countries leading a closely co-ordinated launchwhich was shared with all 285,000 of EY’s employees. During the roll-out, the team set up and ran a campaign management team, overseeing the communications process and monitoring real-time activity on the new portal. On day one alone, an incredible 11,000 opportunities to deliver social value were available on the EY Ripples portal. 

The name EY Ripples is based on the idea that inputs from individual EY team member can create ripples of change that would grow and create ever wider social impact and value.  All EY’s employees across the world can now engage in delivering social value through the EY Ripples platform, helping to change the lives of young people and social entrepreneurs while also creating social value in their families and communities. It is also delivering personal development for EY staff at all levels and driving engagement with EY’s purpose.  

We believe this to be the world’s largest, most impactful and engaging employee social impact programme – Building a better working world. 

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