NECS Consultancy with NHS England

At NECS Consultancy we consistently apply core NHS values in the way we work and interact with both our clients and colleagues. We provide specialist consultancy skills combined with extensive NHS knowledge.  

The Yorkshire Consultancy Practice of NECS has been an integral part of the newly established joint NHS England and NHS Improvement Delivery Unit. This team has been supporting the Director for NHS Delivery to develop the concept of a system wide diagnostic, combining both quantitative and qualitative measures, to provide a comprehensive and coherent understanding of the issues driving poor performance in a system.  

The Diagnostic is coupled with the further offer to deploy additional dedicated SME support to provide increased capacity and capability to develop and support the delivery of a High Impact Plan focused on identified opportunities. 

To embed ownership of the diagnostic output is critical. Senior system stakeholders are involved throughout the process, initially in a series of targeted workshops to agree hypotheses of the drivers of performance and, thereafter in the development of the most important opportunities for improvement. 

The NECS Consultancy team has supported development of a credible diagnostic product which will be rolled out more widely.  We instilled pace and rigor into the process, applying best practice consultancy approaches and working flexibly providing specialist support as required.   

Demonstrating the benefits of such partnership working, NECS Consultancy has now applied the diagnostic in challenged health systems identified by our client, and has mobilised support for resulting work programmes.   


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