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BMT HI-Q Sigma

BMT Hi-Q Sigma Ltd is a management consultancy based in Bath and offers a broad range of services in the public and private sectors.

Helping organisations improve is at the heart of our business. Our ‘clear thinking’ approach reduces complexity and uncertainty so our customers can make informed decisions and forward with confidence.

We help customers identify underlying problems and how to resolve them, and visualise their goals and how to achieve them more clearly. We do this using a combination of Systems Engineering and Programme Management that together provide not only the best solution to complex problems but also the means to plan and manage the implementation of that solution.

We provide specialists with expert skills and the right level of experience for each task, and manage delivery using best practice P3M methodologies and techniques.

Our complete solutions provide services in business transformation, P3M improvement, decision support and project delivery. These services are provided through the optimum blend of our core capabilities - Risk Management, P3 Management, P3 Controls, Cost Management & Analysis, Systems Engineering and Business Analysis – integrated to achieve the required outcomes.

Constituted as an Employee Benefit Trust, we are totally independent of any manufacturers or suppliers, so our customers are always assured of impartial and objective advice.

We truly believe our people are exceptional. Having recruited the brightest and the best, we invest in them so they have the knowledge, confidence and skills to work efficiently and independently. Their most important attributes being empathy with customers, ability to become ‘one of the team’ and to share their knowledge and experiences willingly.

BMT Hi-Q Sigma is part of the international BMT Group.

Key Personnel

MD – Simon Gould

Directors  - Ivor Bennett, Sue Feilder, Mark Hysted

UK Office Locations

  • Bath
  • London
  • Winchester

Worldwide Coverage

  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Barcelona, Spain

Consultancy Services

  • Business Transformation
  • P3M Improvement
  • Project Support
  • Decision Support

Industry Sectors

  • Government
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Transport
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Telephone Number

01225 820980